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Our Background

The Succentrix Business Advisors business philosophy is not fact, it is extraordinary, which is why we are so committed and passionate about our company.  We realize that we may not be for everyone, but for those who believe in honesty, integrity, and giving back, we believe you will be inspired by what we offer.

Our core values are integrated into all aspects of our business. We have challenged ourselves to bring our highest values into the work place, and to try to be the best demonstration of those values, absent greed on all levels.
The guiding principle in our business is to help people help people. We know that serving others’ needs is our truest measure of success. This is our way of giving back, and improving economic conditions for small businesses.

The guiding principle in our business is to help people help people. We know that serving others’ needs is our truest measure of success. This is our way of giving back, and improving economic conditions for small businesses.

As the Franchisor, we consider ourselves to be the “Center”. It starts with us. It is up to Succentrix Business Advisors to teach, train, nurture and support each office owner.


Our Background

Included in the model is state of the art cloud accounting and payroll software, as well as top-tier professional tax preparation software. Extensive ongoing professional training and support from a team with over 100 years of experience in franchise operations, accounting, payroll, income tax, traditional & digital marketing solutions make this model the first of its kind!


Our model enables the franchise owner to start their practice quickly and inexpensively with a foundation of solutions that are efficient, effective, profitable, and competitively priced. Each solution is designed for the franchise owner to take a leadership role in their marketplace and support their clients in finding individual real-time solutions that fit their unique needs.


Success + Concentric = Succentrix


meaning that we share a common center with each of our franchise owners. This center is the heart of the matter.  Skills, knowledge, expertise, integrity, dependability, compassion, and determination are necessary to run a successful venture. With these virtues at the core of our business, they become the internal values that give rise to the outward expression. It cannot be otherwise. Because of this philosophy, we are seeking people of strong character to share our vision.


Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team
Bill Stansbury

Bill Stansbury


Water Ripple

Emily Stansbury

Corporate Administrator

Picture of Succentrix founder Alan Padgett.

Alan Padgett

Chairman / Founder

Picture of Succentrix co-founder Johnette Padgett

Johnette Padgett

Corporate Treasurer /

Robert Adams, VP of accounting

Robert Adams

V.P. of Accounting

Wayne Nix, C.O.O

Wayne Nix


Keith Early, CPA/tax support

Keith Early

CPA / Tax Support

Picture of Genaro Cardopoli, CPA/Foreign Tax Support

Genaro Cardopoli

CPA / Foreign Tax Support

Picture of Aimee Bonilla, corporate accountant.

Aymee Bonilla

Corporate Accountant

Lindsey Johnson, Corporate Payroll Specialist

Lindsey Johnson

Corporate Payroll Specialist

Picture of Vicki Spencer, national director of marketing.

Vicki Spencer

National Director Of

Picture of Kayla Kent, marketing assistant.

Kayla Kent

Marketing Assistant

Q & A

With Succentrix Chairman and Founder, Alan Padgett.

Alan Padgett
Franchise Benefits

Franchise Benefits

12 Reasons To Invest In A Franchise?

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The Succentrix

  • License to use the SUCCENTRIX BUSINESS ADVISORS brand 

  • Protected territory with expansion potential

  • Cloud accounting and payroll software

  • #1 ranked income tax software powered by Drake

  • Personalized Succentrix website landing page for each franchise owner

  • Pre-opening office support

  • 1 Week of operational, accounting, payroll, income tax, software, marketing and building your business training

  • Exclusive operations manual and online resource library

  • New client acquisition program

  • Income tax reference and CPE credit guides

  • Income tax preparation training and materials

  • Income tax preparation reviews and support

  • Proactive strategic advice including new business lists for your marketing  

  • Print marketing materials

  • Innovative marketing training and support to help attract and retain clients

  • New client setup and review and support

  • Dedicated support team with over 100+ years’ experience

  • An annual Succentrix Business Conference that includes 2-3 days of Meeting our Vendor Partners, Best Practices, Continuous Improvement Programs and most importantly....a time to gather, learn, laugh and enjoy the excitement of being a Succentrix Business Advisor. 

Succentrix Logo
Work Desk

Initial Investment
Weighing Your Options


  • Work employer schedule

  • Use employer software systems 

  • Conform to employer rules

  • Fear being replaced

  • Deferring personal growth

  • Someone owns you (Salary + cost of living increase)?


  • Work 24/7

  • Research and buy software

  • Fully responsible for all problems

  • Fear of not making ends meet

  • Learning curve? Now what?

  • You are alone = Cost of doing business and paying for tools and support while supporting you and your family.


  • Enjoy a developed system of success

  • Utilize the latest industry technology

  • Call on a team ready to support you

  • Safety net of resources to trust and rely on 

  • Training, Marketing and Branding Drivers

  • The sky is the limit $34,900 = Proven System, Latest Technology, Support Team, Freedom without fear & unlimited growth potential

Why Succentrix
Initial Investment
Invitation Day

Join Us For An 
Invitation Day!

After completing the Preliminary Application (below), a member of our Succentrix franchise development team will schedule a time to discuss your interest in Succentrix.  We then invite you to visit our corporate office in West Monroe, Louisiana which includes:

  • A comprehensive overview of our fresh innovative franchise model.

  • A test run of our state of the art cloud based accounting and payroll software as well as top tier tax preparation software.

  • An in depth exploration or your market potential and development strategy.

  • Hotel accommodations are “our treat”!

Image by Beth Jnr

There IS a better way of being in the accounting and tax business! 

Take the next steps to securing the life you deserve.

Complete our Preliminary Application and a Member of our Franchise Development Team will contact you to discuss how

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