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There is a movie based on a book based on real life called "The Perfect Storm". This story is epic and yet relatable because we all endure and experience chapters in our life which we could sum up as "The Perfect Storm" of events.

Shannon DiVitto is the perfect accounting professional for you and your small business because she knows how to navigate you into the perfect storm of success! Coming out the other side of a difficult situation is one way to view the obstacles that face independnt business owners, but it is also true that pulling together strong resources and planning prudently can position you well for a positve outcome.

Unlike waves crashing out at sea and storm clouds accumulating, the economy, at this time is brewing economic conditions that could bear a financial windfall in your favor. Shannon is the ideal business advisor for you. She has the rare ability to look at a business from a "birds eye view" and to be able to hone in on the small details that will make the greatest impact on your bottom line. She has experience working on large scale projects and within the minutia of special niche ventures.

Shannon has always enjoyed challenging business conditions. As a controller, she has experience aligning projections and forecasts with growth streams. She has streamlined systems and analyses with spreadsheets and budgets to navigate corporate structures effectively. She also has meticulously redesigned inner systems for independent business owners. Relationships are important. Understanding unique needs and adjusting processes to enhance workflow is as rewarding to Shannon as it will be to you and your team.

Now, as president of Succentrix Business Advisors Antioch Murfreesboro, her expertise is available to entrepreneurs and independent business owners with a host of services to choose from. As a methodical, accounting professional, Shannon prides herself on implementing efficiencies that save her clients time and money. She will treat your hard earned business as her own. She will help you to achieve your business goals through her accounting, tax, payroll and business advising services.

In her personal life, Shannon enjoys time with her daughter and grandson as well as her professional crew of accounting and tax professional peers. You will enjoy her personally and professionally as well. Now is the ideal time to navigate into new waters and Shannon is well positioned to guide you! Call or email her today to schedule your consultation.


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Shannon DiVitto

Middle, TN  

Phone:  615.483.3366

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