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Most entrepreneurs go into business for themselves because they are following their passion or their dreams. Many, grow up loving baking or gardening or design, for example and realize that opening their own bakery or greenhouse or studio will allow them to do work that they love. Shana Jarrett is this kind of entrepreneur except that her passion is accounting.

Actually, Shana’s passion is helping people…she just uses accounting and tax and payroll to do so.

Interestingly enough, Shana found early in her career, a certain aptitude for communication and support. In the accounting realm, this skill set can be rather unique and it set her apart. For the lion’s share of her career, Shana held positions in the accounting world, that served independent business owners directly. With her feet in both worlds, she was able to help to educate people on how their budgets and profit and loss statements could shape the success of their business.

Shana graduated from Valdosta State University with her degree in accounting. She worked as a book keeper, a tax accountant, in accounts receivable and in cash flow analysis throughout the course of her career. Regardless of industry,( health care, construction, public accounting), she found that she enjoyed helping people to measure their success with the tools that she employed. Opening their eyes to systems and processes that could save time and money, gave Shana the greatest of joys.

Now, as the Senior Business Advisor for Athens Succentrix Business Advisors, Shana strives to serve local entrepreneurs with the success of their small businesses. In her personal life, she enjoys hiking, camping and water skiing. She has played softball, skated roller derby and been a photographer. She spends time with her son in her off hours and family that lives nearby. As an independent business owner, you can rest assured, that Shana brings to the table, not only the ability to work in tandem with you in your business, but also the desire to serve you to the highest level. Your dreams deserve to be nurtured. Shana has the passion to pursue them with you. Your success is her greatest reward.


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Shana Jarrett

1 Huntington Road, Suite 702
Athens, GA  30606

Phone:  706.621.5224

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