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Sylvia Alexander


Family is everything to Sylvia Alexander. She credits not only her personal success, but also the happiness of her daughter to the love and support of her family. As an only child, born and raised in Nashville Tennessee, Sylvia enjoyed the fruits of the attention of both of her parents. She was surrounded by extended family as she grew up. As she discovered her passion for accounting and technology, her family rallied around her and cheered her on.

Sylvia earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Middle Tennessee State University and her Masters of Science in Accounting from Indian Wesleyan University. She has spent the last fifteen years of her career as a credit analyst, working as an assistant controller and as a senior staff accountant. As an accounting manager in the healthcare industry, Sylvia has managed accounts payable, generated journal entries, prepared financial packages, reconciled ledgers, and assisted in annual budgets. From large corporate firms to working one on one with contractors, Sylvia has enjoyed the challenge of saving her clients time and money.

In mid-2018, when Sylvia approached her family with her dream of owning her own successful accounting business, they all exclaimed unanimously “what can we do to help”? This love and support is what Sylvia intends to share with the independent business owners and entrepreneurs that she helps. She knows that having people that you trust, working on your behalf, is a currency all its own. Understanding that each individual is working hard on their dreams, to provide for their family, is what makes Sylvia tick. If you seek to work with an accounting professional who will treat you like a cherished friend and who will be your trusted advisor…look no further.

Sylvia is a highly skilled accountant with attention to detail and the dedication that it takes to solve your small business needs. Allow her to be your consultant, your accounting professional, your tax advisor and your friend. She might feel like family before you know it which is, as you know, a currency all its own!

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Sylvia Alexander

2821 Lebanon Pike, Suite 200

Nashville TN 37214

Phone:  615.562.1352

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