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Brentwood Tennessee
Heather Jeffrey


Have you ever met a person that was charming and a delight to be around and simultaneously smart, intense and engaging? Meet Heather Jeffrey. If you were sitting next to her at a business meeting, you would feel as if you won the “social gathering lottery." She is approachable, easy to talk to, and charismatic. If you took a moment or two to ask her what she does for a living, you would find out that she is an accountant and somehow that picture of what you thought an “accountant should be like” would shift.

Traditional accountant stereotype descriptors such as “introverted” “shy” and “socially awkward” are not applicable to Heather. Accountant traits she does possess are “goal oriented” “detailed” and “unflappable." She describes herself as a “geeky perfectionist who joyously loves to help people." Boiled down…Heather is the ideal professional for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Independent business owners appreciate her ability to empathize with both the freedoms and challenges of building a business they love. In her capable hands, business not only survive, but thrive.

Born in Michigan, raised in Florida and now at home in Tennessee, Heather has never met a stranger. Gifted in math and talented with numbers, she has spent the past 18+ years designing her career around her uncanny ability to produce simplicity out of complicated accounting guidance and calculations. Heather loves nothing more than attacking problems and creating order. Systems of organization, checks and balances and methodology are Heather's happy place. The result of her talents are the savings of time and money for her clients.

When Heather is not doing monthly accounting, taxes and business advising, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her children. She enjoys reading, golf and exploring food and music venues in the vibrant environment of Nashville. Most certainly you will enjoy lunch or coffee with Heather as you custom craft a service package for your small business. Beyond a shadow of a doubt you will make a friend that will last a lifetime. It is a wonderful thing to meet a new person who redefines how you thought you saw the world…even better if you leave that person's company knowing you are better off having met them.

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Heather Jeffrey

7211 Haley Industrial Dr, Ste 230
Nolensville, TN 37135

Phone:  615-819-1460

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