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Greg Stewart

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Arkansas is known for its vast National Parks, 600,000 acres of lakes, folk art and as the birth place of Johnny Cash. It is also the spinach capital of the world, milk is the official state beverage and the word “Arkansas” is a French interpretation of the Sioux word meaning “downstream place”. Rounding out these interesting facts are boasting rights to Greg Stewart for being the first Succentrix Business Advisors location to open in the state in its inaugural year.

Greg Stewart is a native of Arkansas. He was born and raised in Little Rock and today makes his home in Benton. With a natural talent for math, Greg followed his passion for business and accounting early in his career. In fact, Greg has utilized his skills in the franchising world, in the recreation industry and the financial planning field. Diversity in his career has allowed Greg to be exposed to rewarding challenges and to experience a thirst for continued forward motion.

Greg is comfortable working with independent contractors as well as leadership teams with budgets and bottom lines driving their day to day activities. Greg enjoys working with people with a wide array of talents and specialties. Greg is wonderful communicator and emanates a warm and inviting demeanor. His natural curiosity and zest for life makes him a pleasure to be around in the business arena or in the community regardless!

The choice where a person decides to live can boil down to access to natural resources or proximity to friends and family. Perhaps one seeks a diverse array of activities and opportunities to allow them flexibility throughout their years. Much like choosing a location, many small business owners desire to do work with other entrepreneurs who are interesting and creative. Greg Stewart loves to spend time with his family, to participate in outdoor activities and express his appreciation for gardening, animals and nature.

Allow Greg to work with you on your monthly accounting, taxes and payroll needs because he is excellent at what he does. Get to know Greg as a person because, like Arkansas, he has a wide array of interesting facts that make him a pleasure to be around. The stand out boasting rights about you and your business will emerge in your marketplace as you and Greg fortify you niche and signature. In your success, the mockingbird will sing your song and the apple blossom will bloom for you! Carry on Arkies! “You run deep in me” “Oh Arkansas” Carry on!

"Go Razorbacks!" "Go Hogs!"

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Greg Stewart

1227 Military Road, Suite #7

Benton, Arkansas 72015

Phone:  501.303.6620

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