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Bill Stansbury
Bill Stansbury

Bill Stansbury
CEO, Succentrix Business Advisors

There are many interesting facts about Louisiana. For instance, Louisiana is the only state in the union that does not have counties. Its political subdivisions are called parishes. Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis XIV. The Eastern Brown Pelican is the state bird, the Magnolia is the state flower, the Bald Cypress is the state tree and the state mammal is the Louisiana Black Bear.

Bill Stansbury was born and raised in Rayville, Louisiana in the Richland Parish. His love of nature and culture and family are as broad and vast as the landscape, but his skills as a business man and entrepreneur are what will resonate with you. He has worked in nursing facility administration, as CPA, as a chief financial officer and a comptroller at a medical center. His accolades read more as line items than bulleted “state fun facts”. 

In fact… (more importantly)… the reasons that Bill Stansbury opened his location of Succentrix Business Advisors are more about the heart and soul of helping people. Being an entrepreneur is truly in his blood, as he and his family have opened multiple, successful small businesses of their own. That is a direct result of generations of fathers and forefathers who tell the story of hardworking, men and women of Louisiana who had a passion for creating ways to provide for their families through ambition, perseverance and tenacity, not to mention blood sweat and tears.

Many native Louisianans can relate. Being a part of a landscape and climate both strikingly beautiful and arguably challenging has a tendency to build people of character. Bill Stansbury brings these skills to the table. As an independent business owner, trust, accountability and authenticity are important to you. The reason that you ultimately desire an accounting professional to help you is that you want to be able to place the fiscal health of your business into capable hands.

Mardi Gras colors are Purple (Justice), Gold (Power), and Green (Faith). The state motto: is “Union, Justice, Confidence”. Whether your business is located in Rayville or Monroe, Franklin Parish or Richland…Bill Stansbury honors and embodies the best of Louisiana and the belief that people working together in business ultimately bring out the best in all of us. Let’s do business together.

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Bill Stansbury

310 Wood Street, Suite G

West Monroe, LA 71291

Phone:  318.417.1031

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