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Whether you like sports or not, you can most likely appreciate all that the world of sports has to offer. If you are a parent, you might have signed your child up to play on the town soccer league or encouraged your kids to play youth football so that they learned sportsmanship, team building, and a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you like baseball or tennis or watching the Olympics, the excitement that builds from rooting for your team or athlete is addictive.

Paul Falewicz is a sports enthusiast through and through. His love of “the game” translates to his business life as well. Many of the same attributes that you find on the field or on the court translate to the business arena. As a consolidations accountant, Paul managed twenty-five subsidiaries worldwide. He played a pivotal role in team building and overcoming obstacles. Like the coach of a major league team, he had to address the goal at hand as well as strategize at a global level.

As a financial systems analyst, Paul worked on government contracts. In a highly structured system, he earned “the Volpe Team Award” for outstanding performance and teamwork. He fostered collaboration between change resistant associates, leveraged new system capabilities and encouraged his executive staff to inject enthusiasm and productivity into their game plan.

In mid-2000, Paul transitioned into work as a senior accountant and controller to build a financial infrastructure for a startup technology company. He created not only a robust work environment but also achieved profitability in three short years. His swan song to corporate life was as the CFO for a large logistics company for the last five years. He drove profitability and cut losses while expanding operational efficiencies, all while decreasing time expenditures. In other words, he streamlined the entire structure in order to achieve optimal results.

Time and again across the course of his career, Paul has been hired for his management, strategic planning, and leadership skills. Now, as the owner of Succentrix Business Advisors, Paul can offer proficiency to local entrepreneurs. What does this mean for you the independent business owner? If you and your business need help with cash flow, financial systems or strategic planning, Paul has these moves in his wheelhouse. Your business success is not a game. You need a business advisor who has the skill, tenacity, and dedication to you and your team. You need a winning game plan.


Let’s do this! Game On!

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