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Mark Dorries

Very often, in the business world, people move in tight circles. It makes sense that people gravitate towards others with similar interests and likes. Certainly it can be easier to make conversation with those who you have a common experience with. What makes Mark Dorries an exception to this rule is that he makes friends wherever he goes.

You might ask why it is important that Mark moves fluidly between “corporate types” and “trade people” until you ask yourself “who would I like to do business with”? When you stop to think about who you want to have in your small business, time and time again the answer will be “someone who is enjoyable to be around”. It is so simple and so true and absolutely why you should choose Mark Dorries to be your monthly accountant, tax preparer or business advisor.

Mark was born and raised in Gadsden, Alabama. He appreciates and comes from good, honest, hardworking people. Mark has worked in management, as an industry executive, in leadership and as an entrepreneur. He is a rare commodity…a passionate businessman with curiosity and ambition and the ability to connect to his peers on every level. Mark embodies kindness and likability. He has the unique ability to put people at ease. He truly is a joy to be around.


Entrepreneurs go into business because they have a passion for their artistic endeavor, service or craft. Free spirited and creative people appreciate others who delight in their life’s work as well. Independent business owners seek Mark out to be their monthly accountant and advisor because Mark is passionate about helping people. He exudes competence and produces results. If you desire a professional who will protect your business as if it were their own…choose Mark Dorries and enjoy an authentic friendship as well.

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Mark Dorries

P.O Box 4370

Gadsen, AL 35904

Phone:  256.680.3763

* This is not a CPA Firm*

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