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Every once in a while, you get lucky enough to sit next to someone on a plane or a bus whom you get a warm comfortable easy vibe from. Some people call this “maternal” energy. Leonie Reid radiates it from her core. Her soft smooth smile draws you in and her eloquent accent will have you hanging on her every word.

Leonie was born and raised in the Parish of St. Elizabeth , Jamaica. She earned her undergraduate degree, a Bachelors' of Science in public accounting, at Mercy College in the Bronx, NY. She earned her M.B.A in finance at South University in Savannah, GA where she makes her home to this day.

Leonie has over twenty years of accounting and tax experience. She has worked in the banking industry as a staff accountant, in a law firm on the accounting team and annually as a tax advisor for individuals and small businesses during tax season. To this day, she works as an adjunct professor at both Virginia College and Strayer University in Savannah teaching finance, economics, accounting and financial management. Her greatest joy is providing her students with a rewarding and enriching learning experience.

Leonie and her husband have two highly successful sons. Both are engineers. One works in the public sector and one serves in the United States Army. Leonie decided to open her own branch of Succentrix Business Advisors at the urging of her family. She has helped so many people over the years with their financial needs, that it made good sense for her to be able to work for herself and enjoy the relationships that she has developed.

Sitting side by side with Leonie, looking over your financials on the computer, you will feel not only the pleasure of her company, but you will also appreciate her ability to provide you with accurate, complete, proactive, and strategic accounting and tax services. She enjoys chatting about gardening or travel, family or friends. Know that you and your small business are in caring, compassionate and trusting hands. This journey is one that you will embark upon together. The destination will be your bright and successful future.


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Leonie Reid, MBA

2591 Hwy 17, Suite 100

Richmond Hill, GA  31324

Phone:  912.208.8072

Fax:  912.452.1046

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