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Kevin comes to Succentrix with over 25 years’ experience in accounting and finance. During that tenure his experience includes consulting with business clients in the areas of auditing and taxation as a Certified Public Accountant for two regional CPA firms. More recently, Kevin consulted with a start-up company as a part-time CFO. His education includes a Master’s in Business Administration, a Master’s in Accounting and a Doctorate in Business Administration.


  • Certified Public Accountant

  • CFO and consulting experience

  • 12 years public accounting experience in audit and taxation

  • Doctorate degree in Business Administration

  • Academic: 13 years teaching graduate and undergraduate level accounting, finance and business administration courses.


His passion for education has served him well as he found himself as a university professor of accounting, finance and business throughout his career. Inspired by the energy of young people and their curiosity to push boundaries and to explore conventional methods of doing business, Kevin remains inspired himself as he moves into the title of entrepreneur as president of his own company Succentrix Business Advisors.

Growing up on Big Spirit Lake in Iowa, Kevin gained a love of water, being outdoors and spending quality time doing activities he loved. In his spare time, Kevin is an active Shriner and enjoys boating, fishing and hunting. Independent business owners in Pensacola, Florida will appreciate these shared passions. There are certain universal truths that surpass birthplace of origin…the need to make a difference and to do valuable work. Working with Kevin, you will find these commonalities to be true and the work you do together will inevitably be fruitful for both parties.


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Kevin Buell

6055 Forest Green Road

Pensacola, Florida  32505

Phone:  850.712.8527

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