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Camilo Guerra, CPA
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Conseillers d' affaires SUCCENTRIX

Nous nous spécialisons dans la comptabilité et les services fiscaux pour les petites entreprises.

New Jersey



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Michael Watkins Succentrix Business Advisors

Michael Watkins

Owner of Succentrix Business Advisors

Charlotte, NC


Michael launched his Succentrix practice to help small business owners grow and be successful. With over 25 years of corporate and management consulting experience, Michael was ready to apply his passion and experience to help businesses succeed. “I want to help business owners achieve their dreams of building and leaving a legacy”. To do this, you have to know your numbers and plan for success. And no business can, or should, do it alone. You need partners you can trust.


Michael believes small businesses are the heartbeat of America, encapsulating the entrepreneurial spirit that founded this country. With corporations driven more and more by short-term gains and impersonal service offerings, Michael knew there was something more. As a business owner himself, Mike wants to help businesses thrive. “I want to help the scores of businesses that need the resources big corporations have but don't have the time and/or expertise to deploy. And I want to do it on a first name basis where I've earned the right to be a trusted business partner.”


"My philosophy is that having an understanding of your financials is necessary but not sufficient for success. Your financials are a measure of your firm's financial health. It's a barometer for how healthy, or how much opportunity, there exists for profitable growth." At Succentrix Business Advisors, we can help you understand your financial health, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan of action for improving your bottom line.


Last but not least, Michael believes great service is becoming more and more rare. “Sometimes it’s as easy as returning phone calls in a timely manner and being on a first name business with customers, knowing what's going on in their life and business. Plus, it's helping businesses with services they need at this point in their journey, not trying to sell something just because that's what's good for the service provider." Michael's goal is to connect with the businesses he serves and truly walk alongside them in their journey. "Just like people, businesses have a story and a deeper why behind what they do. I want to learn what that is and develop a lifelong relationship with the business to help them realize their why”.

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Camilo Guerra, CPA

245, 4e rue

Bâtiment 2 # 2K Boîte 24

Passaic, NJ 07055

Téléphone: 201-286-1608

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