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Foreign Tax


Foreign tax services is a specific type of preparation and consult for those with matters outside the United States.


Penalties for improper filings, or not filing at all, can result in tens of thousands of dollars in penalties. We provide the tax guidance

Are you looking to do business in the US but you’re a citizen of another country? If so, the way you conduct business in the US can be important for both income and estate tax purposes. The US has multi-levels of tax and doing business in the US must be done carefully to properly reduce potential tax consequences. We consult, plan, and help file your income tax returns for the US.

Whether self-employed or as an employee, United States citizens and most Resident Aliens must file a US income tax return. We work with a secure portal to transfer documents and electronically sign for your individual tax return.

If you need to file, forgot to file, or realized that you should’ve been filing the FinCen 114 (FBAR) to report foreign accounts, we can help you. We’ve disclosed foreign accounts to the IRS and can help with the voluntary disclosure processes as well.

Did you start a business in another country? Do you have a partner who is not from the US? If either answer is yes, you may have some complex foreign forms to file. We file the business returns and required attachments for your foreign matters or foreign partners to avoid stiff IRS penalties.


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