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Succentrix Business Advisors Fort Lauderdale owner, Dan Robinson, is an accounting professional unlike any that you have ever met before if the word “accountant” makes you think of a quiet man in glasses working an abacus behind a goliath of a desk. Dan is fit and sharp, has played lacrosse, attended West Point and traveled extensively. You will find him to be energetic, inquisitive and singularly out of the ordinary.


Dan graduated from the University of Maryland and launched his career in the big league. He served as a director of financial operations, consulted in the health care industry and managed million dollar budgets. Although he worked in management, implemented quality systems and ensured the training and support of sizable teams, Dan has always felt the pull towards entrepreneurship. Working one on one with a small business allows Dan to produce results that are tangible.

What you will appreciate, as an independent business owner, is that Dan will be able to manage your accounting and tax needs in a straight forward and sensical way. Most business owners want service providers to “shoot straight”. They desire to communicated with in a professional, clear, concise manner. Dan brings both personality and professionalism to the table. Understanding your business and engaging with your unique systems is what todays small business owners seek. You will not be disappointed.

Dan has worked in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Maryland and now, makes his home in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He is an avid learner, loves to spend time with his children and appreciates “big thinking”. He is disciplined and organized and invigorated about business. Choose Dan Robinson to be your accounting and tax professional. Not doing “business as usual” is a good thing in the 21st century when taking it to the next level is an alluring challenge. Enjoy the journey…enjoy the ride.


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Dan Robinson

433 West Plaza Real, Unit 275

Boca Raton, Florida 33432

Phone:  561-717-4195

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