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Did you know that the first officially recorded baseball game in U.S. history took place on June 19, 1846, in Hoboken, New Jersey? The "New York Nine" defeated the Knickerbockers, 23–1, in four innings! New Jersey is also where Camilo Guerra calls home. Camilo Guerra himself is a huge sports fan…he is also a “fan”tastic accountant!

Camilo was born and raised in Hackensack, NJ. He discovered is knack for mathematics and problem solving and an early age. He earned his bachelors of science from Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, with his major in business administration (emphasis in accounting). He launched his career with Prudential Financial in Newark, NJ, where he excelled in financial reporting, management and training.


In the middle of his career, Camilo worked as a senior corporate accountant. He analyzed budgets, developed operational standards and prepared financial statements for his clients. As he grew personally and professionally, he began to desire to own his own accounting firm. What he learned, as he focused on special projects, is that he could really make a difference in the health and wealth of the clients that he served.

Today, as the president of Succentrix Business Advisors New Jersey, Camilo is well positioned to make a difference in the lives of local entrepreneurs and independent business owners. In the heart of the state that he loves, there are foodies and inventors, beach combers and museum goers, software programmers and sports fans galore…Camilo relates to them all. If you seek a trusted advisor for yourself and your business, reach out to Camilo Guerra. Doing business with him, regardless of the team pendant you wave, is a home run!       


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Camilo Guerra, CPA

281 Mary Street

Hackensack,  NJ 07601

Phone:  201-286-1608

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